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More about me? Well, I never sit still and I'm never bored, there is always something to do. Besides working, I like playing or training with my service-dog "Happy". She's is with me since January 1996. I can't do without her any more.

She a big help, she picks up the mail, or things I drop. Happy also can takes off my coat, opens doors and switch the lights on and of and still a lot more. 

Once a week I swim and once a week I ride on horseback. I like that very much, cause I'm completely free. 

I ride the horse (ok it's a big pony) all by myself. There is someone nearby in case of an emergency but they don't come in action often. Only when the horse thinks the reins are a bit short he pulls me face down.Than someone has to set me straight up again. Of course I like to surf on Internet and e-mail with people all over the world.

Dancing is an other thing I like to do. Some years ago I did comby-dancing with an able-bodied guy. He had to quit because of has job. We were actually quite good at it. We were national champion for 4 years in a row and 3rd at the European championships. I really miss waltzing across the dance floor, not to speak of missing the rumba and samba.
This is just a little bit of all the things I do. I hope you've got an idea of what I'm about. For any questions you might have, feel free to e-mail them to me at : janine@headlight.nl